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News Release

24th Navajo Nation Council - Office of the Speaker

Navajo Nation Council Delegates Charlaine Tso (Mexican Water, Aneth, Teecnospos, Tółikan, Red Mesa) and Eugenia Charles-Newton (Shiprock) have been on site assisting the family of a female youth who was reported missing from Aneth Chapter in Utah at approximately 2:30 p.m. March 15.

Currently, the Navajo Nation Police Department is leading an inter-agency search and rescue mission involving over 100 volunteers, ATVs, horseback riders, a helicopter, and K-9 resources to locate the girl’s location.

According to Law and Order Committee Chair Charles-Newton, regional county, state and tribal resources are involved in the effort, which is being directed out of a command center at Aneth Chapter House.

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“No family ever thinks they will face this situation until it happens. My prayers are with this baby girl and all of our children across Diné Bikeyah. My heart is very heavy right now, though I am hopeful for a positive resolution for the family and the community. We need to protect our young to the fullest extent possible,” said Delegate Tso.

Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health advocates have been on site to assist community members.

Delegate Charles-Newton explained that she immediately mobilized to the Aneth area to assist Delegate Tso and the community.

“As Law and Order chair, I am assisting in every way I can. Delegate Tso and I prayed with the family and we remain committed to offering our assistance,” said Delegate Charles-Newton.

Speaker Seth Damon (Bááháálí, Chichiltah, Manuelito, Tsé Lichíí’, Rock Springs, Tsayatoh) has authorized funding for food and water for the volunteers.

“First, I would like to thank the volunteers and first responders for their immediate action on this developing issue. Additionally, I want to thank the regional search and rescue teams that are setting aside jurisdictional issues to make sure that all available resources are mobilized for the family and girl,” said Speaker Damon. “Everything the 24th Council does is for the benefit of the next generations. We love our youth and will continue to monitor the situation.”