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On Wednesday, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer issued a proclamation recognizing the month of September as “Navajo Nation Preparedness Month,” to increase awareness and to encourage all Navajo People to practice T’áá Hwó Ají Téego, or self-reliance and self-determination, to plan, prepare, and be ready for any and all types of emergencies to minimize the impacts and potential losses.

The proclamation states that monsoon rainfall has led to flash flooding, road washouts, power outages and other challenges and emergencies in many Navajo communities and winter storms are anticipated in the coming months and encourages all Navajo people to plan ahead, prepare emergency kits that include non-perishable food, bottled water, blankets, first-aid kit, fire wood, and other essential supplies, and to teach and encourage others about emergency preparedness.

“We know the challenges because our elders have faced similar emergency situations related to heavy rainfall and snow storms. Our ancestors planned ahead and prepared for the winter season by storing food, water, fire wood, and other resources. Today, we have the Department of Emergency Management and other resources to assist our people, but we should all continue to practice the teachings of our elders including T’áá Hwó Ají Téego, or self-reliance and self-determination. We prayed for moisture and now we are receiving the blessings of rainfall, but with that comes some challenges. Please take the time to plan and ensure that your family, including your elders, have food, water, fire wood, blankets, and other essential items in preparation for any type of emergency situations,” said President Nez.

The proclamation also encourages programs, businesses, non-profit organizations, civic groups, faith-based groups and organizations, schools, and families to be proactive and increase awareness about the importance of emergency preparedness.

“Navajo Nation Preparedness Month is about working together to identify resources and coordinate efforts at the community level and within our homes to plan and prepare for potential emergencies. Let’s be proactive and please do not let the unpleasant thought of an emergency deter you from making a plan to protect your family and yourself, and to serve others in need. Being prepared may not prevent a disaster, but it will give you confidence to meet the challenge and minimize the impacts,” said Vice President Lizer.

The Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Management issued a severe weather warning on Monday, regarding anticipated heavy rainfall that may lead to flooding, road washouts, and other weather-related challenges.

If chapters need assistance with response efforts, please send an email to the Navajo Nation Division of Community Development at Weather related information is available online through the National Weather Service:

For more information about National Preparedness Month and helpful tips, please visit the following website:

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