Navajo County Court to sentence fraudulent auto sales dealer

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Sentencing hearing for Jason Kehoe set for December 13, 2018

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Navajo Nation - Human Rights Commission

There will be a court sentencing hearing for one of the two predatory auto sellers that preyed on Navajo consumers.  In addition, there will be restitution hearing for both defendants (Lerma and Kehoe). The sentencing and restitution hearings are on December 13, 2018, starting at 2:00 p.m. at Navajo County Court, Division 1, Holbrook, AZ. 

There are approximately 50 victims (mostly Navajos) that were schemed by taking their money or vehicles away from them; Lerma and Kehoe systematically took money and vehicles from their customers. The victims will be allowed to speak at the December 13th sentencing and restitution hearings. The victims should have received a letter from the Navajo County Victims Service Office notifying them of the court hearing date.  It is strongly recommended that the victims participate in the court hearing in order to be heard.

Should the victims need assistance developing their victim statements, please immediately contact the Office of Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission.  The victims should make the effort to attend the sentencing and restitution hearings on December 13th.

What: Sentencing & Restitution Hearing

When: December 13, 2018

Time: 2:00PM    

Where: Navajo County Division 1 Superior Court Room, Navajo County Governmental Complex 100 East Code Talkers Drive South Highway 77

Holbrook, Arizona. 

Should there be any question, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission at (928) 871-7436. 


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