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On news that Navajo Generating Station owners are moving forward with decommissioning, Nicole Horseherder of Tó Nizhóní Ání and Percy Deal, Navajo Nation resident, issued the following statements:

Percy Deal, Navajo Nation resident, said:

“Salt River Project said today there’s no path forward in their negotiations with Navajo Transitional Energy Company. There’s no path forward on prolonging coal, period. There’s no believable business plan you can write when the market signals that something like coal is simply no longer economically viable. Today, our Nation should be talking with Salt River Project, but about renewable energy, not coal.”

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Tó Nizhóní Ání,

“Navajo Generating Station owners and Peabody have mined and burned coal on Navajo land for 50 years. That’s generations of contamination they are accountable for cleaning up, and the Navajo Nation should never let them off the hook for that. The plan to retire Navajo Generating Station in December provides full accountability and guarantees proper cleanup and reclamation. And it gives the owners the certainty they need. Coal markets are dead and this moment provides an opportunity for the Navajo Nation to stop wasting time and move on to build a clean energy economy.”

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