Native woman-owned firm to provide online safety training, certifications

Tribal Indemnity LLC President Kimberly Moore-Salas (Navajo). Moore-Salas formed Tribal Indemnity LLC to provide licensed and professional Integrated Risk Management services to tribal entities, organizations, and enterprises.(Photo: Tribal Indemnity LLC)

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Tribal Indemnity LLC: nation building and diversifying tribal economies

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Tribal Indemnity LLC

Tribal Indemnity LLC was formed to provide licensed and professional Integrated Risk Management (IRM) services to tribal entities, organizations, and enterprises. Services were expanded to include administrative support in the areas of human resources and grant management. Once again, the Native Woman-Owned firm will be expanding its list of services to include online safety trainings and certifications, with the goal to maximize resources and build capacity in Indian Country – launch date to be celebrated on March 1, 2019.

In a partnership with Vivid Learning Systems, provider of online workplace safety training topics covering areas such as Hazard Communications, OSHA 10- and 30-hour, Mine Safety, Construction Safety, Electrical Work, Department of Transportation courses and more; Tribal Indemnity is advancing their mission of Nation Building and Diversifying Tribal Economies. The secured cloud-based platform will establish a self-paced training and certification strategy, maintain accurate training logs and records, while reducing training costs associated with travel, time-off work or production, and course fees.

SCAJRDC Rob Salas Tribal Indemnity course. (Photo: Tribal Indemnity LLC)

“We had been discussing ways to embrace technology to fulfill our mission while enhancing our Integrated Risk Management and Human Resource service models,” Tribal Indemnity President, Kimberly Moore-Salas (Navajo) explained. “We were thinking about how we may promote flexibility for trainings that will save time and resources for our clients. Our self-paced trainings meet all standards and can be done onsite or remotely, and the cost savings can be used for other projects such as additional education, training, and internal capacity building.”

Kimberly and her team of innovative executives continually work to structure systems for greater productivity and self-determination. Last year, in a conversation with business partner and Senior V.P. TeriLynne Kisto, THRP (Gila River), who joined Tribal Indemnity in January 2018, the issue of safety training surfaced; a relatable topic stemming from the extensive HR experience TeriLynne possesses from her 20-plus years of Human Resource Management.

“The big thing in Indian Country right now is capacity building,” TeriLynne explained. “Online safety training gives employees training that is flexible with their busy schedules and accelerates their competencies and value, while providing organizations the latitude to reduce costs.”

The program is supported by the Health & Safety Institute (HSI), a family of well-known and respected brands in the environmental health and safety space, including Vivid Learning Systems. Matt Hammer, President of Vivid Learning Systems said, “We are excited to embark on this journey with Tribal Indemnity, as we look to serve a great necessity in Indian Country, we are proud to be a part of that.”

Tribal Indemnity is confident that their partnership with Vivid/HSI will be productive to the benefit of their tribal clientele. “We needed to find that company that could do it entirely and be able to work with us on a level of scale with price points that are competitive,” Rob Salas, COO described of the partnership with Vivid. “We have the flexibility to be creative so that we can tailor the service component to tribes.”

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