Native Pride Travel Plaza focused on supporting truck drivers during COVID-19 pandemic

Pictured: The Native Pride Travel Plaza, located on the Seneca Nation in Irving, New York.(Photo: Native Pride Travel Plaza Facebook Plaza)

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Native Pride Travel Plaza, located on the Seneca Nation, is offering free immune-boosting juice to truckers until April 30

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Native Pride Travel Plaza

COVID-19 is posing a number of challenges for truck drivers who deliver food and supplies throughout the nation and into our communities. One of the most recent and concerning of those challenges are the rest stops and restaurants along the driver’s routes that are closed. This is why Native Pride Travel Plaza owner, J C Seneca, decided to provide something extra for the truckers who frequent his business.

“Native Pride is designated as an Emergency Stop Location by the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC)“ Seneca said. “That means travelers can trust that we will be open with fuel and food during challenging times. In staying open during the spread of COVID-19, we are taking extra precautions to ensure that our fuel areas are sanitized and our gas and diesel attendants are wearing proper protective gear, hand sanitizers are available at every entrance and at each register, cleaning protocols are in place to repeatedly sanitize all areas from the diner through to the convenience store and the restrooms and the showers are being regularly disinfected. We also decided during this stressful period to provide truckers with complimentary bottles of “immune-booster juice” to help them stay healthy as they work extra hours on the road.”

The immune-booster juices will be supplied by Azalia's Juicery, using their whole fruit and whole vegetable formula that provides a complete nutritional beverage in a bottle. The juicery became part of the Native Pride Travel Plaza in response to truck driver’s requests for healthier foods and drink alternatives. According to juicery owner, Azalia Garlow, the onsite location will guarantee a continuous, fresh supply of the drinks.

“Staying healthy requires a nutrient-dense diet and juices are one of the best ways for the body to quickly absorb such nutrients,” Garlow said. “Providing truckers with my whole fruit and vegetable juices is an on-the-go way to boost their immune systems that are being challenged by the extended hours and long miles they are driving during this national crisis.” 

In order to receive a free juice, truck drivers have to show a Native Pride cashier that they have "checked-in" at Native Pride Travel Plaza or Native Pride Diner Facebook Page, or tagged the travel plaza on Instagram or Twitter. General Manager Brandon LeBeau acknowledges the giveaway as part of company’s long-standing support of truckers as the backbone of the American economy.

“Truck drivers are managing a lot of stress right now, keeping pace with the intense demand for food and products in our supermarkets and stores, as well as addressing demanding job circumstances that can put their health at risk,” LeBeau said. “That’s why we decided to offer these free bottles of immune-booster juice. It's our Native Pride way to show our appreciation for all that truckers do to ensure people have what they need in their daily lives.”

Bob K. is an over-the-road truck driver who regularly stops at Native Pride. He notes the importance of the Native Pride Travel Plaza as being an emergency stop location following the mandated business shutdowns in New York State.

“It’s really helpful that Native Pride is open right now with so many rest areas and restaurants along the roads and highways closing down. There’s barely anyplace for us to go and that absolutely makes doing my job harder. It’s the place to stop if you’re a trucker driving along the New York State Thruway 90 eastbound or westbound.”

Native Pride is open 24-hours, seven days a week. Currently, the diner is serving take-out only. The convenience store is open normal hours. The trucker/juice giveaway will be in effect until April 30.

About Native Pride Travel Plaza

Native Pride Travel Plaza is conveniently located off Exit 58 on the New York State Thruway I-90 at 11359 Southwestern Blvd in Irving, NY. Officially designated by the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition (NITTEC) as an Emergency Stop for travelers, Native Pride offers gas and diesel fuel, DEF, Certified CAT Scales and propane, along with a down-home diner and a 24/7 convenience store offering snacks, drinks, truck products, gift items, tobacco products and a wide variety of CBD & hemp products. Native Pride caters to truck drivers in providing showers, laundry center, lounge, walk-in humidor and ample parking for cars, trucks and semi-trucks.

About Azalia's Juicery

Azalia’s Juicery offers fresh-made, nutrient-dense juices, and healthy meals, all prepared by owner, Azalia Garlow. Her recipes are based on her healthy lifestyle that she describes as, “nutritionally sound and highly active.” While her drinks are in the “juicing family” she differentiates her products from juice shakes in the whole-fruit and vegetable ingredients she blends with protein that provide a complete nutritional system. 

Her grab-and-go meals are complete, balanced and satisfying, with the guarantee of, “No-Carb Crashing.” At Azalia’s Juicery healthy does not mean boring anymore!

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