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News Release

Native Coalition Against Prop 122

A collective of intertribal Indigenous Native American people have united as the Native Coalition Against the Natural Medicine Health Act, to state opposition to the Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act Proposition 122.

The coalition states opposition to this bill because it stands to threaten, exploit and commercialize Indigenous peoples and spiritual traditions. It ignores critical issues pertaining to stewardship, conservation, intellectual property and fair-trade practices. This bill misleads and falsely informs the public. The bill is opposed due to the rampant neglect, abuse and harm that has already occurred within psychedelic research. Further, it is opposed because the bill’s co-authors have positioned themselves to profit from the legalizing and medicalizing of natural medicines to the exclusion of the greater community. It lacks inclusion of disproportionately impacted communities. The passing of Proposition 122 positions these natural medicines for extractivism, some of which are not Indigenous to Colorado, by those with limited understanding and knowledge of the medicines and their applications, which will ultimately create further inequities, criminalizing and desecration of the sacred.

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Indigenous-Native speakers are poised to address the press to define the damage should Prop 122 Natural Medicine Health Act, be voted into law. Highlights of opposition:

  1. This particular proposition touches upon issues and matters that extend beyond a core argument about western drug policy and the drug war. It is also a matter of spiritual and religious freedoms being denied and oppressed, cultural appropriation, treaties broken, and continued evasion of conservation and stewardship and proactive measures for climate change and the protection of vulnerable people.
  2. Our resistance to the manipulation and inequity being pushed by the bill’s co-authors, who lack adequate qualifications and experience to commodify. They are misrepresenting and making false claims about research studies on natural medicine. We oppose their inclusion of any board or committee that decides operational permits and qualifies educational outlets, as they are unequipped.
  3. Proposition 122 Natural Medicine Health Act is hurtful, deceitful, exclusionary and oppressive towards all people disproportionately impacted by the drug war and those who have been targeted for practicing traditional spiritual ways with plant and fungi medicines under oppressive and criminalizing policies.
  4. Federal laws have been enacted to protect peyote for religious reasons. However, those protections have been under direct attack as a result of legislation proposed, such as Prop 122, which legally opens the door to research exploitation of Peyote by using the term mescaline.
  5. Putting the Department of Regulatory Agencies, a bureaucratic entity, in control is harmful. DORA has incompetency with the professions they currently regulate, such as the mental health profession pertaining to abuse and harm towards vulnerable people and populations.
  6. Additionally, the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) is NOT properly equipped to create an adequate setup of an equitable system in any form either in a permitting approval process or proper education. The coalition opposes these plant and fungi medicines being converted into synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.
  7. The coalition has comprised a vetted list of qualified and respected Indigenous Native American community members and activists who will be available to interview to discuss their personal experiences of the current happenings in their communities pertaining to psychedelic research and the push for Prop 122 Natural Medicine Health Act.
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