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National Indian Council on Aging

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The National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) invites you to participate in our COVID-19 tribal needs assessment. Your participation will positively impact the wellbeing of American Indian and Alaska Native elders.

As the leading national Native aging organization for elders, we strive to provide information that will assist tribes and their communities. The information we gather will help us better understand how tribes have been affected by COVID-19 and the mental, physical and social impact it has had on their health. It will also serve to illustrate what Indian Country looks like to those who do not know, and help us focus our efforts most effectively.

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Once the information is collected and analyzed, we will create educational materials to share with NICOA members, Native advocacy groups and other aging organizations.

We will also be sending this needs assessment through the postal mail for those without access to computers and reliable internet connections. Please choose one option to complete: either the online assessment or the paper version. Participants are eligible for prizes. Survey ends January 15, 2021.

Click below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

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