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Native Americans in Philanthropy

On June 15, MacKenzie Scott announced a multi-million dollar donation to Native Americans in Philanthropy that will support the organization’s effort to increase philanthropic funding to tribal communities through funder education and relationship-building with tribal community leaders. Native Americans in Philanthropy was one of 286 organizations to receive a contribution from Scott. 

Native American communities have historically been overlooked by the philanthropy sector. Native Americans in Philanthropy connects philanthropic organizations with Tribal communities and Native-led nonprofits throughout the US. The donation is also noteworthy in that Scott has not stipulated how the funds must be used, allowing organizations to determine how best to support their work.

Statement from Erik Stegman, Native Americans in Philanthropy

“It’s undeniable that Native Americans are often overlooked in philanthropic giving. In 2019, just half of one percent of all philanthropic funds were directed towards Native communities. MacKenzie Scott’s donation to Native Americans in Philanthropy is one among many contributions to Native American organizations that shows she is taking Indigenous advocacy seriously.

Philanthropy is central to the culture and values of so many of our communities. This investment in our organization will help us build deeper relationships between funders and Native-led nonprofits serving our communities. Native people care deeply about their relatives and relations and this kind of investment will help NAP support a growing network of Indigenous leadership in the philanthropic sector. Together, we’re helping move money to Native people and organizations that are making a difference on the issues that matter to our communities — and we’re doing it with a focus on healing so that we can turn the tide on intergenerational trauma.

"Native Americans in Philanthropy is just one of 286 organizations to receive a donation today. With her announcement, MacKenzie Scott has recommitted to transformative work, the organizations that undertake it, and the leaders whose ideas are often under-funded and overlooked. It’s important to note that she has also just written checks to these organizations, leaving her own interests to the side and giving up power to the organizations she’s funding. We are honored to be included among such impactful organizations and look forward to the future created by our collective work.”

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