News Release

Montana Democratic Party

The Montana Democratic Party has amended its lawsuit against Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen over a bill Governor Gianforte signed into law May 14 that would suppress voter participation in Montana elections. View the Party’s latest court filing at this link.

“This bill is a cynical attack on all Montanans’ ability to exercise their right to make their voices heard through lawful ballot collection,” said Sandi Luckey, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director. “This new law is a solution in search of a problem. As the bill’s sponsor admitted, there has not been one instance of fraud despite Montana’s long history of organized ballot collection.”

When the bill (House Bill 530) was introduced it was met with overwhelming opposition from Native American and other community groups who argued it severely limited their ability to receive and deliver absentee ballots.

The state party previously filed suit against Secretary Jacobsen over two separate bills that aim to limit voter participation. This latest filing amends that lawsuit to add a challenge to the new law restricting lawful ballot collection. 

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