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News Release

Cabinet du ministre responsable des Affaires autochtones

Yesterday, the Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs, Ian Lafrenière, appointed Paul Girard as a negotiator. His mandate will be to identify possible solutions to cohabitation issues affecting the municipality of Oka and the community of Kanesatake.

Minister Lafrenière believes it is extremely important to develop and maintain a sense of harmony in Kanesatake and the surrounding region. He is concerned about recent incidents in the Kanesatake Pines and the issues they raise. This matter must be taken into account by the negotiator.

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The Minister has appointed Paul Girard to identify feasible solutions to these questions. His extensive professional experience gives him the tools he needs to fulfill his mandate, which will involve meeting with stakeholders on the ground and finding compromises that will lead to better cooperation and promote partnerships in the region. Mr. Girard has been instructed to report back to the Minister by March 31, 2021.