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News Release

Anishinaabek Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party

The 2022 State Endorsement Convention was held at Huntington Place in Detroit Saturday ahead of this year’s November election. In solidarity, The Anishinabek Caucus was in attendance both in person and virtually.

Two resolutions of particular concern to Native American citizens were approved:

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Resolution to Improve Burial Site Protection - to develop legislation for the protection of burials and human remains identified and/or recovered outside of federal or tribal lands.

Resolution Calling For the Removal of the Custer Monument in Monroe.

The resolutions packet included addressing issues on racial equality, gay rights, women’s health care privacy rights, increasing the minimum wage, and making Michigan Democrats the party for all people.

Sovereign Nations have spoken out for years for America to acknowledge the impact of names, statues, and mascots that demean and disempower their people. Custer's sculpture rests on Potawatomi land while he is best known as "the Indian killer" The Michigan Democratic Party has chosen to stand with The National Congress of American Indians Resolution #SAC-21-003 

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