Menominee Nation elects new tribal legislative officers

Menominee Tribal Legislature and newly elected Executive Committee.(Photo: Menominee Nation)

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Douglas Cox re-elected as Menominee Nation Chairman

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Menominee Nation

The newly elected members of the Menominee Tribal Legislature, the governing body of the Menominee Nation, were sworn into office during annual swearing in and organizational meeting, and, Douglas Cox was elected Chairman of the Menominee Tribe.

February 9 marks the reorganization of the Menominee Tribal Government, the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected Tribal Legislatures, and start of the new legislative year. This Organizational Meeting and Swearing-in-ceremony was held on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the Menominee Casino Convention Center. 

The nine member Menominee Tribal Legislature voted for the officers. Douglas Cox was named Chairman, Joan Delabreau will serve as Vice Chairwoman, and Pershing Frechette as secretary.

Douglas Cox was reelected to serve as Tribal Chairperson, and will serve as such for the next year. Doug Cox has served as Tribal Chairperson, this past year, and began his service on the Tribal Legislature in 2015. In January, he won re-election to the Menominee Tribal Legislature for another three-year term. 

In the elections held in January, Douglas Cox and Pershing Frechette were reelected onto the Tribal Legislature. Gunnar Peters was elected as a first time Menominee Tribal Legislator. Crystal Chapman-Chevalier, outgoing Tribal Legislator, chose not to seek reelection.

The newly elected tribal legislators were sworn into office and begin serving three year terms.  They join the current elected officials of the Menominee Tribal Legislature: Gary Besaw, Eugene Caldwell, Craig Corn, Ron Corn Sr., Joan Delabreau, and Myrna Warrington. 


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