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News Release

Menominee Nation

Menominee Nation Chairman Douglas Cox declared a state of emergency after severe weather hit Menominee Reservation/County the past few days, causing wide spread damage and power outages.  

Because the weather event caused power outages, dangerous road conditions and threats to public health and safety, emergency management authorities recommended issuing this declaration. 

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Menominee Nation’s disaster emergency order allows Menominee Tribe resources to be available for response activities, and calls for the Menominee Tribe Emergency Management to activate the tribe’s Emergency Operations Plan. Menominee Nation’s emergency declaration allows the tribe to call upon local, state, and federal assistance. 

“Emergency personnel are coordinating with state and local officials to ensure we are prepared and ready for Our first priorities are establishing and maintaining communications, meeting basic human needs, and restoring critical infrastructure,” Chairman Douglas Cox said. “Tribal and County personnel and equipment are being dispatched as needed to the impacted areas, and whatever comes our way,” said Chairman Cox.

The Tribe’s Emergency Operations Center activated Emergency Shelters throughout the effected communities. 

Events are being coordinated between the Tribe, Menominee County, American Red Cross, and other agencies to assist with this emergency.