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News Release

Catawba Indian Nation

In 1791, Catawba leaders visited George Washington to express our concerns about our ancestral lands being taken away. Catawbas allied with the Patriots in the Revolutionary War but became concerned that the new American government would not honor the promises made to them by the British Crown. Since then, Catawba leaders have met with a handful of sitting Presidents, but until this week, no Presidential contender has ever visited our Catawba Reservation. We are honored to host Mayor Pete Buttigieg for a conversation about how policies affect Catawba Nation and Indian Country.

Presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg will attend a private round table with the leaders of the Catawba Nation on October 26, 2019. This event will be closed to the public, however there will be 15 minutes available at the end of the session for press and local media only.

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We are hopeful about what this milestone may mean to the future of our Nation-to-Nation relationship with the United States and encourage other politicians and candidates to visit our community to hear about our experiences and desires for the future.

The Catawba Nation is the only federally recognized, Native American tribe in South Carolina.