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Lumeca Health Inc.

Cowessess First Nation has partnered with Lumeca Health to bring physician care to patients through the launch of its Health Pod, a first in North America. The pod, equipped with cameras, microphones and touchscreen, allows patients to access the care of a doctor live and within minutes of entering the pod.

The Health Pod is intended to help bridge the gap in health services available to rural residents. The health pod is located in the Cowessess First Nation Health Department.

"The Treaty Right to Health requires a timely, qualitative response to health needs and delivery. This pod will enhance the timeliness of service delivery. Also, in a time of COVID-19, reducing the risk means remaining at home as much as possible. Being able to talk privately with a specialist while staying home is a benefit to minimizing the risk" says Chief Delorme.

Delorme also explained how capitalizing on the rise of virtual healthcare delivery will help overcome the challenges that come with delivering care in rural areas, something that has been increasingly difficult during the pandemic.

"Traveling to highly public, or more densely populated areas with the potential COVID-19 risk is a concern and Lumeca and Cowessess First Nation are presenting an option to reduce the risk through virtual health service delivery. Another opportunity is our community members require a timely response to our health needs and this Pod will increase the timely response" Delorme adds.

Shawn Hazen, founder of Lumeca Health was also on hand for the installation and first live demo of the Health Pod says Lumeca was founded with the mission of seeking innovative ways to overcome the barriers that may limit people from accessing quality healthcare. Their goal is to place the power back in the hands of the people and bring physicians and patients even closer through this model of service delivery.

Hazen added, "Three things Lumeca is always focused on: How do we help make healthcare simple, safe and secure. With the full touchscreen, we have attempted to make the experience as user-friendly as possible. Travel can also be very challenging for those in rural and remote communities. By using the Lumeca Health Pod, members are able to consult with a physician without having to travel potentially great distances. There are also a number of health, safety and environmental factors that benefit from the use of the health pods."

In partnering with Cowessess First Nation Hazen exclaims he hopes to provide a model for what the future of healthcare could look like, "Cowessess is a great partner as its leadership and Nation continues to be progressive in exploring new ways to benefit its people. It was a natural first partner to showcase what healthcare could look like for all First Nation communities. Chief Delorme continues to be a champion for his people, and this will change healthcare for all First Nations" Hazen concludes.

To get started download the app on App Store (iPhone & iPad) or Google Play (Android).

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October 10, 2019 Lumeca launched a pilot program to release their healthcare app making it available to Cowessess First Nation members. Services include timely and convenient access to their team of doctors and other healthcare professionals, which includes live video consultations for advice, diagnosis and treatment including prescriptions, specialist referrals, navigating the healthcare system and medical team follow-ups.

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