Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing

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Upcoming book a provocative and empathetic exploration of Indigenous intergenerational trauma and strategies for healing

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“Change will be different for each culture and person, but it begins with story. The terror, anger, grief, and loss that has possessed Indigenous communities for the past 500 years is coming to an end. With Canada taking its first tentative steps toward reconciliation, this is an era of change in Canadian society. This is our collective opportunity to re-write the narrative of genocide and oppression and envision another, better way of living – not just within Indigenous communities, but between Indigenous people and the settler population.”

Indigenous peoples have shockingly higher rates of addiction, depression, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions than other North Americans. According to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, these are a result of intergenerational trauma: the unresolved terror, anger, fear, and grief created in Indigenous communities by the painful experiences of colonialism, passed down from generation to generation.

With passionate argumentation and chillingly clear prose, author and educator Suzanne Methot shares her own and others’ stories to trace the roots of colonial trauma and the mechanisms by which trauma has become intergenerational, and explores the Indigenous ways of knowing that can lead us toward change.

Suzanne Methot is a Nehiyaw (Cree) writer, editor, educator, and community worker born in Vancouver and raised in Peace River, Alberta. She is the co-author of Aboriginal Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations, and has also written for the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic,Windspeaker, and Quill & Quire. She lives in Toronto.

Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing by Suzanne Methot/ISBN: 9781770414259/ Paperback/360 pages/$24.95 CDN is published by ECW Press and due out in March 2019.


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