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Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit clinic providing health and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma, wants to help you maintain healthy skin throughout the upcoming colder months.

National Healthy Skin Month is observed every November to highlight the importance of skin care. As we head into the colder months, our skin may face unique challenges.

“Turning up the heat in your home can make the air drier than other seasons, causing your hands and lips to become chapped or itchy,” said Dr. Janice Hixson, OKCIC’s Chief Medical Officer. “This is particularly uncomfortable for those who suffer from skin conditions, like eczema.” 

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Dry skin is uncomfortable, but it can be prevented with the following methods:

  • Use fragrance-free hand cream or ointment every time you wash or sanitize your hands
  • Choose lotions that contain lipids (like ceramides), humectants (like glycerin or hyaluronic acid) and occlusives (like mineral oil or petrolatum)
  • Use a humidifier
  • Use unflavored lip balm with SPF 30 several times per day to heal chapped lips
  • Look for lip balms that contain castor seed oil, ceramides, dimethicone, hemp seed oil, mineral oil, petrolatum, shea butter or white petroleum jelly
  • Drink plenty of water

“Remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before going outdoors,” Hixson said. “Dry skin experiences sun damage more easily.”

Applying sunscreen regularly becomes even more important in snowy weather. Snow reflects the damaging UV rays of the sun, which could further increase your chances of a sunburn. Reduce your risk of sunburn, skin cancer and premature skin aging by applying sunscreen to exposed skin before going outside and every two hours, if you are not indoors.

Cold weather can present some skin care challenges, but there are ways to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy all year round.

About Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic was established in 1974 to provide excellent health care and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma. The clinic staff cares for more than 22,000 patients from over 200 federally recognized tribes every year. American Indians can receive a range of services, including medical, dental, pediatrics, prenatal, pharmacy, optometry, physical fitness, nutrition, family programs and behavioral health services. For more information, please call (405) 948-4900 or visit

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