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Indigenous Environmental Network


We are on the precipice of a historic moment, where we, the people, must choose the political, economic, and moral direction of our country. Join us on #TheFreedomSide.

On October 17-18th, Indigenous Environmental Network invites you to The Freedom Side: The Peoples Tribunal and Congress with the call to action Rising Against White Supremacist Terror Toward a Just World.

This event is in partnership with The Rising Majority.

The event’s name, “The Freedom Side,” draws from an old mine workers union song that has been adopted by the struggle to fight white supremacy in the US. Which side are you on, my people, which side are you on?

I will personally be participating in this tribunal as a juror, listening to the testimonies of frontline communities fighting for justice.

Indigenous Environmental Network Freedom Side graphic

Indigenous Environmental Network Freedom Side graphic.

The Freedom Side: The Peoples Tribunal and Congress

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11 a.m. PT / 1 p.m. CT / 2 p.m. ET on October 17th and 18th

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Tribunals are moments of truth telling and moral reckoning. The Rising Majority tribunal comes at a time of critical crisis in this country. Wildfires are burning out of control. The postal service is being defunded ahead of the presidential election. Black folks are still dying at the hands of police. Indigenous water protectors are being arrested. Americans continue to lose their jobs and housing during a global pandemic. Immigrant detainees are being forced to have hysterectomies en masse. And a Supreme Court seat hangs in the balance.

The system is working exactly as it should — by failing us. So join us on October 17 and 18 to hold the system accountable.

In front of a panel of esteemed guest judges — including Angela Davis, Tom Goldtooth, Arundhati Roy, Raquel Willis, and Albert Woodfox — we will put the current system on trial, outlining all the ways in which it has harmed our communities. Then, together, we will envision the world we so desperately want and outline the steps we can take to create it. We invite you to bring your stories, your families, and your biggest, boldest visions for a just world.

Please RSVP here and text FREEDOMSIDE to 90975 to get updates.

About Indigenous Environmental Network

Established in 1990, The Indigenous Environmental Network is an international environmental justice nonprofit that works with tribal grassroots organizations to build the capacity of Indigenous communities. Indigenous Environmental Network’s activities include empowering Indigenous communities and tribal governments to develop mechanisms to protect our sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, the health of both our people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities.

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