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News Release

JC Seneca Foundation

Advancing their collaboration to bring healthcare and medical services to Y, Seneca Nation businessman, J.C. Seneca, and Founder/President of Buffalo’s G-Health Enterprises, Dr. Raul Vazquez, M.D. F.A.A.F.P., recently sponsored a Table Talk Session at Seneca’s Native Pride Business, located on the Tallchief Territory on the Seneca Nation in Irving. The event brought together Native men and women in age ranges from their twenties through their eighties in a blend of individuals who have already been vaccinated and those not intending to get the vaccine. According to Dr. Vazquez, the need for such educational forums is great.

“Native Americans are one of the most at-risk groups for contracting and dying from the coronavirus.,” Dr. Vazquez stated. “We also know that they distrust the vaccination process. That’s why J.C. and I decided to invite members of the Seneca Nation to Native Pride for a table talk, so that people of all ages could hear both of us speak about the vaccine and answer their questions about the process. We provided them with information to encourage them to become vaccinated and then asked them to share that information with others in their community. Our plan is that when I bring the G-Health mobile medical unit to Native Pride for a vaccine pop-up, people will be prepared and ready.”

Vazquez and Seneca began meeting to discuss collaborating on rural health care in late 2020. Their discussions quickly advanced to an agreed-upon plan of action beginning with vaccine pop-ups this spring and developing into long-term mobile health care and mental health care services. It is a purpose that Seneca states is vital due to the lack of health care facilities in the area. 

“In 2009 Tri-County Memorial Hospital in Gowanda closed, followed by Lakeshore Hospital in 2019 and Lakeshore Health Care Center and emergency room services in 2020,” Seneca stated. “Those closings have left southern Erie County, Northern Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties without immediate and affordable health care on the Native Territories, as well as the surrounding communities. That is why Dr. Vazquez and I are of one mind in our mission to provide healthcare and medical services in these areas where there is such a lack of available care. At this point, the doctor is requesting vaccines from the state so that he can star bringing his mobile medical unit to Native Pride for pop-up vaccine events. As soon as we have dates and times for those events, we will publicly announce that information. I am most grateful to Dr. Vazquez and his G-Health Associates who have worked with me and my JC Seneca Foundation Team to make this collaboration possible.”

About the JC Seneca Foundation

The JC Seneca Foundation (JCSF) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to advance healthy living in body, mind, and spirit for the people of the Seneca Nation and surrounding communities. The foundation accomplishes these purposes through a variety of means including supporting the activities of other charitable organizations and conducting fundraising events. The foundation also sponsors programs such as It Takes A Tribe, a foster care project.

About J.C. Seneca

J.C. Seneca is a member of the Seneca Nation and owner of Tallchief Territory, Home of Native Pride Travel Plaza, located on the Seneca Nation in Irving, NY. He started out in 1987 as a young entrepreneur with big dreams. By 1995 he developed his own truck stop business and spent the next 25 years building a successful 22-pump gas and diesel service area complimented by a diner, a 24/7 convenience store and shower and lounge services for professional truck drivers. In 2019, Seneca was recognized as a Top 50 Native Business Entrepreneur by Native Business Magazine, a national publication based in Bellevue, WA. Seneca’s civic leadership is reflected in the creation of the J C Seneca Foundation, a nonprofit corporation with a mission to advance healthy living in body, mind, and spirit for the people of the Seneca Nation and surrounding communities.

Backed by a quarter century of goals and achievement, in 2020 Seneca made the decision to reformat his Native Pride Brand by incorporating it with his family’s Seneca Nation Heritage. It is a heritage tied to his great, great, great grandfather, Tallchief, who claimed the land where Seneca began his entrepreneurial journey and today continues to grow his business, now known as Tallchief Territory, Home of Native Pride.

About G-Health

G-Health Enterprises is a health care organization consisting of the following affiliates: The Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN), The Greater Buffalo United Accountable Care Organization (GBUACO), Urban Family Practice (UFP), The Greater Buffalo United Independent Physician’s Association (GBUIPA), The Raul & Toni Vazquez Foundation and The Greater Buffalo United Association Incorporated (GBUA Inc.)

About Raul Vazquez M.D. F.A.A.F.P.

Dr. Vazquez opened Urban Family Practice in 1996. As president of GBUAHN, he leads a team of experts with 40 years of combined medical experience providing care to the poor through a single physician-patient relationship. He serves as the Governor's appointed representative to the WNY Regional Economic Development Council, and the NYS Medical Advisory Committee. He serves as President of the Buffalo Chapter of the National Medical Association. He also serves as a board member of Health-e-link.
Dr. Vazquez just received the 2012 National Federation for Just Communities of WNY Community Leader Award in Healthcare. He has a designation of NCQA Physician Practice Connections Patient-Centered Medical Home Certification of Recognition Level 3. He has also received the NYS Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislators Health Award.

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