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News Release

Indigenous PACT

Indigenous PACT is launching an online information center in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. This knowledge hub will supply daily progress reports, provide public health resources, tools tailored to tribal & urban audiences, and offer an exclusive ability to go behind the front lines with Seattle-based healthcare experts via video live stream in the Response Support Center to help provide real time solutions to tribal communities.

Washington State and Seattle’s healthcare systems are in the first epicenter dealing with one of the largest caseloads of COVID-19 in the United States. It is Indigenous PACTs’ intent to educate the local community as well as the whole of Indian Country about this evolving situation.

Please visit our website for the latest updates from our team.

Indigenous PACT provides oversight to the tribally owned clinic, which runs a location in Auburn, WA. Daily operations are ongoing in an area highly affected by COVID-19, enabling their clinics’ healthcare experts to provide unique insights and lessons learned about this outbreak as it spreads across the United States.

The Live Support Center aims not only to educate, but also to provide a deeper look for tribal health programs, communities, governments, and leaders about developing best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and how a resilient healthcare system can fight back during the pandemic.

Indigenous Pact’s CEO and Founder, Kurt Brenkus, says, “This is an unprecedented event in modern public health. We want our organization and our clinic to act as a resource for communities near and far. And on behalf of Indigenous PACT, I extend our gratitude to the healthcare workforce on the front lines during this strenuous time.” 

Indigenous PACT works with Tribes to develop sustainable revenue from patient services, increase healthcare access, and improve health outcomes for all Native Americans. Indigenous PACT is committed to health equity for Indian Country. Visit us at

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