Indigenous designers coordinating production of face shields for Navajo and Hopi

Pictured: Indige Design Collab (L-R): Eunique Yazzie (Diné) Founder and Strategist, Shon Quannie (Acoma Pueblo, Hopi, Mexican) Creative Partner, Dustin Lopez (Diné, Yaqui, Laguna Pueblo) community liaison and Brian Skeet (Diné) Research + Design.(Photo: Shon Quannie)

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Indige Design Collab using 3D print technology and tech savvy partners to help fight coronavirus on tribal lands

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Indige Design Collab

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Indige Design Collab (IDC), a group of Native American professional graphic and industrial designers dedicated to promoting Indigenous creatives, tapped into their networks to print, assemble and deliver protective face shields to tribal hospitals and clinics serving the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Tribe. Using 3D technology, print agencies, fabrication companies and wholesalers, they have produced 500+ face shields to date, with a goal to raise enough funds to buy materials for 1,000 face shields by the end of April.

“When Indige Design Collab member Brian Skeet (Diné) saw the need for face shields in our tribal communities and suggested we help those fighting this global pandemic on the frontlines, we knew we had to get involved,” Indige Design Collab Founder Eunique Yazzie said. “We started production in late March and have established over eight 3D printer partners in our network of design professionals, students, and community members. Donations will give Indige Design Collab the critical funds needed to provide our healthcare professionals and first responders with the appropriate personal protective equipment, or personal protection equipment, necessary to help keep them safe as they come into close contact with those affected by the Coronavirus.”

All the face shields once printed, will be assembled, packaged in plastic and boxed. Members of the Indige Design Collab have mobilized independent weekly delivery routes to safely deliver the personal protection equipment while adhering to any additional restrictions like curfews or checkpoints. To make a donation and help advance the goal of making 1,000 protective face shields please visit:, follow Indige Design Collab on Facebook at: Indige Design Collab or contact Indige Design Collab at

About Indige Design Collab

The Indige Design Collab was founded in 2018 to create a visual and vocal discussion of what design means for communities, language, economic systems, and a continued way-of-life. They have been credited with bringing Indigenous creatives together on a panel for the Annual American Institute of Graphic Arts Phoenix Design Week conference, creating the Rise Poster Show at Evolve Gallery and partnering with Roosevelt Row Art District and Still She Lives LLC to put on Indigenous Artisan Fest in downtown Phoenix. The Indigenous Design Collab is Eunique Yazzie (Diné) founder and strategist, Shon Quannie (Acoma Pueblo, Hopi, Mexican) creative partner, Brian Skeet (Diné) Research + Design and Dustin Lopez (Diné, Yaqui, Laguna Pueblo) community liaison.

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(Image: Indige Design Collab)

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