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News Release

United Houma Nation

Hurricane Ida caused extensive damage to the roof of United Houma Nation’s administration building in Houma, Louisiana. The roof is already being repaired, and the debris is being cleaned up, but the building is in need of a new air unit and large fans that can be used once the electric power is restored.

The facility is currently being used as a staging area for relief efforts in the coastal tribal communities. The tribe has received large donations of water and toiletries from various groups, but they are in desperate need of tarps to distribute to residents and building supplies such as lumber and nails to help restore and rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Ida.

Lanor Curole, the tribe’s administrator, is coordinating relief efforts for the tribe and is accepting all donations on behalf of the tribe. She can be reached at 985-696-8899. For more information on the United Houma Nation, visit

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