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Indigenous Trauma and Resilience Conference offers Youth Track

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Register today for the Indigenous Trauma and Resilience Conference, October 15–17, 2018, at the Treasure Island Resort & Casino in Welch, MN. The conference will benefit youth on their healing journey from substance misuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, and intergenerational trauma.

A special track of workshops is offered to support the next generation as they move forward in strength and resilience to heal themselves and their communities.

Youth Track workshops include:

  • Everything is a Circle — In this workshop, participants will look at a play written by Minneapolis Native teens about historical trauma of colonization and its effects on today’s families and teens. Read through scenes that confront domestic violence and sex trafficking. The script includes stories from grandmothers reflecting on their own addiction, their own healing, and poetry. In small groups, stage the scenes from the script and dive into discussion. If time allows, we will create a new scene that is relevant to the group’s knowledge and experiences.
  • Identity — In this workshop, participants will dive into their own identities and discuss the strength that comes from embracing all the things that make us who we are. Alcohol, drugs, and addiction mask our identity or trick us into believing our identity is flawed. This workshop will give you an identity shield to protect you from the myths of addiction.
  • Drumming is Medicine — The drum is connected to everything. It is part of our health, our community, and our culture. Listen to the teachings of the drum. Learn Ojibwe and Dakota songs and sing together.

The conference, sponsored by the National Association of Native American Children of Alcoholics (NANACOA), features presentations and workshops by leading experts in indigenous trauma and resilience, a cultural night, a gathering banquet, and countless opportunities to share experiences with fellow travelers on our healing journey.

Gather together with community leaders, wellness advocates, traditional culture bearers, and trauma/resilience trainers and healers to share best practices and forge a vision for ways to support each other in this healing journey.

Speakers include:

  • Jane Middelton-Moz
  • Dr. Marie Wilson
  • Michael Goze
  • Antony Stately
  • James Vukelich Kaagegaabaw
  • Iris PrettyPaint
  • Joseph CrowShoe

NANACOA Conference

Date: October 15–17, 2018

Location: Treasure Island Resort & Casino (Welch, MN)

Please join us. Register today!

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