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News Release

Havasupai Tribal Council

The Havasupai Tribal Council has passed Resolution No. 27-20 which will extend the suspension of tourism until further notice.

Tourists with reservations during the time of the suspension will be contacted and will have the opportunity to reschedule their reservation for dates within the 2021 season. The Tribe prohibits any reimbursement of fees paid by tourists to the Tribe for visitor permits, camping permits, or pack mule services and therefore, encourages all tourists to contact the tourism office to reschedule.

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Because the coronavirus poses a grave public health threat to the Havasupai Tribe, the Tribal Council has taken many proactive measures to prevent its spread to the Reservation, including declaring a state of emergency, restricting all travel in and out of the Reservation, enacting a stay-at-home and mandatory quarantine order for all Reservation residents, placing the Reservation on lockdown, and suspending all tourism visits.

“In the best interests of the health and welfare of the Havasupai people, the Council finds it necessary to extend its suspension of all tourism visits to the Havasupai Reservation until further notice,” said Chairwoman Eva Kissoon. “We continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 in Arizona and have made decisions to further protect our Havasupai residents.”

The Tribe has been following the guidelines shared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and as of today, there have been no reported cases of the coronavirus in Supai Village.

For more information and to reschedule your reservation, please visit the tourism website at

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