Glass Tiger band releases 'Diamond Sun' Susan Aglukark joins recording on album

Diamond Sun (feat. Susan Aglukark, David R. Maracle)
Diamond Sun (feat. Susan Aglukark, David R. Maracle)

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Glass Tiger to perform Diamond Sun live June 23 with artists Susan Aglukark and David Maracle at Massey Hall in Toronto

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Toronto ON (06.20.18) -- It’s been 30 years since Glass Tiger released 3x Canadian Platinum album Diamond Sun.

In 1988, Apartheid was making headlines around the world for the mistreatment and racial segregation of the people of Africa. The band wanted to shed light on the situation in Africa while also focusing on Canada’s Indigenous people, who shared some of the same struggles as African people.

Diamond Sun in 1988

Diamond Sun in 2018 with Susan Aglukark and David Maracle

The song and video released in 1988 for Diamond Sun rippled within Canada’s Indigenous community in an unexpected way: “We had no idea this song would resonate with the First Nations the way that it did. It was a wonderful surprise,” says Sam Reid of Glass Tiger, who were invited to perform in First Nation communities across the country because of the song.

Jump ahead to 2018… Glass Tiger release a new album called “31” – produced by country superstar Johnny Reid – featuring two brand new songs, and 11 greatest hits re-imagined.

Since “31” celebrates brotherhood and friendship, Glass Tiger wanted to invite someone from the First Nations community to join in recording a new version of Diamond Sun. And knew exactly who they wanted to collaborate with: “We’re fans of Susan Aglukark’s music, so we reached out to her. We were delighted she got back to us saying she’d be thrilled to take part.”

In addition to bringing her talents and Inuktitut language to Diamond Sun, Aglukark had an idea for another Indigenous musician to bring on board. “Susan suggested bringing David Maracle to provide unique Native percussion and singing. So we traveled to a studio on the Mohawk reservation where David records, and had this incredible session.”

The result of this spontaneous and unique collaboration is a contemporary and timely take on a truly Canadian classic. Music fans can experience Diamond Sun performed live for the very first time this Saturday June 23 at Massey Hall in Toronto, at a special concert featuring Glass Tiger, with guests Susan Aglukark and David R. Maracle.

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