#GenIndigenous Response Fund announces 19 grants to support Native youth

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A total of $155,000 in funding awarded supporting Native youth organizing and activism across communities

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Native Americans In Philanthropy

Native Americans in Philanthropy is pleased to announce its third round of grants approved by the #GenIndigenous Response Fund. A total of $155,000 has been awarded to 19 Native youth serving organizations, providing responsive funding to support youth organizing and activism across communities. This Response Fund bridges funders and organizers to support organizing efforts and a collective commitment to systemic change and social justice in Indigenous communities. A full list of this year’s grant awards can be found at 2019 #GenI Grantees.

Established in 2016 and housed at The Minneapolis Foundation, the #GenIndigenous Response Fund was inspired by the Generation Indigenous Youth Leadership Development Initiative and the activism and organizing by youth at Standing Rock to bring attention to the need for protecting land, water and sovereignty. In addition, Native Americans in Philanthropy continues to convene Native youth and organizations to further support the important visioning and conversations that need to happen and to keep Generation Indigenous moving forward.

In just one year, the total amount awarded by the Response Fund has quadrupled, allowing for triple the number of grants to be awarded in 2018 from previous years. Grantees are using the funds awarded to focus on strategic communications, education, workforce development, juvenile justice, resiliency, traditional knowledge, sustainability, environmental justice, health, trauma and healing.

“We believe that youth engagement, organizing and leadership is central to this movement moment, therefore we work to prioritize #GenIndigenous funding efforts that are Native-led and with a focus on Native youth in advocacy efforts,” said Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy.

“We’re committed to investing in young leaders who are passionate about strengthening their communities, and that’s exactly what the #GenIndigenous Response Fund is designed to do,” said Jo-Anne Stately, Director of Impact for Economic Vitality at The Minneapolis Foundation.

The collaborative approach of the #GenIndigenous Response Funds provides a mechanism for donors and foundations to scale their impact with others and to have direct impact on the development of young leaders and youth-serving organizations in Indian Country. Since 2016, the Response Fund has awarded nearly $250,000 to organizations throughout the United States. Interested donors are encouraged to learn more about and consider contributing to the #GenIndigenous Response Fund by visiting the website or emailing info@nativephilanthropy.org.

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About Native Americans in Philanthropy

Native Americans in Philanthropy is a membership circle of nonprofits, tribal communities and foundations committed to the beliefs, traditions and gifts of Native peoples. The Philanthropy’s board and members hold a vision of healthy and sustainable communities enhanced by the Native spirit of generosity. This vision inspires and motivates member engagement through our mission to advance philanthropic practices grounded in Native values and traditions.

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