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McCabe Consulting Group

The McCabe Consulting Group is hosting a special COVID-19 vaccine webinar on Monday, January 4. The purpose of the webinar is to enhance understanding and reduce uncertainty regarding COVID-19 in American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

McCabe Consulting Group COVID-19 vaccines January 4, 2021 webinar flyer.

We all have experienced the flood of information and proposals regarding the vaccines and their distribution. Our webinar panel of Native American experts will be filtering and condensing information into concise 45-minute presentations with opportunity for questions and answers.

The webinar is unlike anything we have seen from our health officials and providers. We will have tribal leadership and traditional practitioner perspectives on COVID-19 and vaccinations and COVID-19 data from two experienced Native physicians in Indian Country. 

The webinar agenda includes the following session topics: 

  • Traditional Perspective: COVID-19 and Vaccines 
  • A Tribal Nation Perspective on COVID-19 Vaccines
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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Facts
  • COVID-19: Integrating Community Care and Mental Health Update
  • Questions, Answers, Input, & Response    

For American Indian/Alaska Natives, COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives and impacted our communities in multiple ways including rising cases and death rates. We want tribes to be prepared in hopes the COVID-19 vaccines will bring the needed relief to our communities.

We understand the fear associated with uncertainty, so we are providing this information and these perspectives in hopes that uncertainty does not lead to inaction. It is understandable that American Indian/Alaska Native people have skepticism about broad and sweeping health initiatives, given the history of race relations.

So please join us for this special event to arm our people with the education and information necessary to make important health decisions with confidence. Share the link with your friends and colleagues who are facing such decisions for family and community.


About Sean McCabe, CPA & Managing Partner

Sean has enjoyed over a decade of working with and for governments and not-for-profit organizations in management, regulatory and consulting roles. He has been fortunate enough to assist governments in achieving their financial and operational goals. Sean also served as a significant consultant to the production of the Native American Finance Officers Association’s GASB 34 implementation guide. Sean is a recognized speaker on the National Indian Gaming Commission’s speaker series providing training and advice on relevant governmental audits and operational issues. Additionally, Sean was recently selected to serve on the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants Minority Initiative Committee.

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