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Return California

Our ancestors stewarded the lands of Turtle Island for thousands of years prior to settler-colonialism. In the face of catastrophic manmade climate change, people are finally starting to recognize Indigenous Californian's expertise. Just yesterday, the New York Times published "What California Can Learn from Native Burning Practices" (link) which quoted Danny Manning of the Mountain Maidu (hosts of our first roundtable!):

“It’s been more intense every fire season,” he said. “Everybody’s looking at them and seeing we need to do something besides put them out.”

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While fire is just one component of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), because of the severity of California's wildfires recently, there has been a lot of conversation outside the Indigenous community about the Indigenous community's traditions — thrusting the conversations of Traditional Ecological Knowledge  into the mainstream.

Return Cali: Fourth Listening Round Table, October 9, 2020 poster.

Return Cali: Fourth Listening Round Table, October 9, 2020 poster.

This Friday's roundtable will be focusing on real time applications of this knowledge, with specific training on what we can do to proliferate these conversations. Please RSVP to this email to receive the Zoom link, and as always, feel free to forward it to anyone who you think would be interested.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our #LandBack efforts and helping us #ReturnCalifornia to it's pre-colonial splendor!