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News Release

Four Bands Community Fund

Four Bands Community Fund is pleased to announce they have been approved as a lender in United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Farm Loan Program. With this new designation, Four Bands will have the ability to deploy agriculture loans that are guaranteed by the Farm Service Agency.

“We are excited about this new development in our ag lending program, because it means we will be able to meet the capital needs of more Native farmers and ranchers,” says Kristen Stambach, Director of Lending at Four Bands.

Although Four Bands has worked with Native farmers and ranchers in varying capacities since their inception in 2000, they dramatically increased their deployment of agricultural loans beginning in 2018. To date, they have approved over $2.5 million in agricultural loans that have supported the start-up, expansion, or operating capital needs for ag producers. 

“Agriculture is an integral part of our community that strengthens cultural connections to the land, but access to affordable capital is a challenge for any business. By strengthening our ag lending program with our Farm Service Agency guarantee status, we hope to also strengthen our local ag operations,” says Stambach.

Four Bands is only one of two certified Native community development financial institutions in the nation to have the status of an Farm Service Agency guaranteed lender. 

About Four Bands Community Fund

Four Bands Community Fund, a nonprofit organization established in 2000, continuously strives to create economic opportunity by helping people build strong and sustainable small businesses and increase their financial capability to create assets and wealth. Our programs and services translate the traditional Lakota values of self-sufficiency, wise resource management, and a spirit of entrepreneurship into practical applications for today’s modern 

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