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News Release

Navajo County Democratic Committee 

Jaynie Parrish, a citizen of the Navajo Nation with outstanding professional experience on national campaigns, has been appointed to lead the Democratic Campaign for the Navajo and Hopi people.

“I've always wanted to go back home and make a difference,” said Jaymie Parrish, who was in charge of social media for EMILY’s List until 2020. “When I got the call from community leaders and elders, I had to jump at this chance. I'm so excited and can't wait to mobilize the Navajo and Hopi votes. This is our time.”

“The coronavirus is making campaigning much more difficult, but it makes digital media so much more important as we reach out to younger voters, get people to switch to mail voting and help the Navajo and Hopi people develop the organization they need to get to success on their issues,” she said.

The Native vote is so very critical in delivering Arizona’s 11 Electoral Votes to defeat Donald Trump and elect Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate.

Jaynie grew up in Kayenta and Window Rock, Arizona. At EMILY’s List, she was responsible for the social media messaging to elect pro-choice Democratic women to public office. She taught American Indian Studies and Women and Gender studies at the University of North Dakota. Most recently she was the Director of Communications and Storytelling for IllumiNative.

"I personally encouraged Jaynie to bring the skills she has learned in the wider world back to Navajo and Hopi so she can help us build the political power we will need to face these troubling times and help to build a bright future for the people," said state Representative Arlando Teller.

"Talking to Jaynie, I realized she was essential to do this critical job," said state Senator Jamescita Peshlakai. "I have pledged to support her in every way possible. Jaynie has the skills to engage our young people who are the future of our tribal nations, and will become the bedrock of our political power in the coming years."

"I am especially excited about getting our indigenous people who live in the border communities registered to vote and even run for political office in their towns." the Senator said. "In 2021, we will gain the majority in the Arizona Legislature, so our bills will pass into law and improve the lives of our people." It is an exciting time of pivotal changes, and I am confident that Jaynie's efforts will create far-reaching changes.

Since 2016 Jaynie has run her own consulting business, Parrish Digital, a social media and digital organizing enterprise that specializes in creating, maintaining, and expanding social media networks.

Much of her work has focused on electing more Native Americans to office as well as increasing voter participation from Native American communities. In 2016, Parrish crafted social media messaging and digital organizing strategies for congressional candidate Denise Juneau. In 2012, she led the first ever Native American Get Out the Vote initiative for Rock the Vote.

From 2009-2011, Parrish was named a Harvard Administrative Fellow and worked with the Harvard Honoring Nations Program. In the spring of 2011, Ms. Parrish was named a Regional Finalist for the White House Fellows Program and was also awarded the Deborah Carsten’s Grant for her research entitled Navajo Women in a Cultural and Intergenerational Context.

Parrish is an alumna of Arizona State University and Harvard Kennedy School.

Jaynie was hired by the Navajo County Democratic Committee to run a campaign being coordinated with Apache and Coconino Counties in addition to the Arizona Democratic Party and the campaigns of Kelly, the First Congressional District race, Peshlakai, Teller and Rep. Myron Tsosie.

Parrish is excited about continuing to focus her work on electing more Native Americans to office as well as increasing voter participation from Native American communities.