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News Release

Office of Representative Sharice Davids (D-KS-03)

Following a public roundtable on rising prescription drugs costs last week, Representative Sharice Davids (D-KS-03) announced today she is supporting two bills to lower the price of prescription drugs and increase transparency in drug pricing to help Kansas families.     

“During our roundtable discussion, I heard from so many families in the Third District who are struggling to pay for the prescription drugs that they or their loved ones depend on to survive. These bills would help drive down prescription drugs prices and increase transparency and oversight, giving our families some much-needed relief,” said Davids.    

Among the topics covered during the roundtable were getting generic drugs to market faster to provide affordable alternatives to brand name prescription drugs, and increasing drug pricing transparency to stop drug companies from unjustly raising prices. The legislation Davids is supporting addresses both issues.   

“It’s refreshing to see someone in Washington start a serious dialog on healthcare. I’ve been in healthcare my entire career — and fought my own health care battles — so I’ve seen firsthand some of the failures in the system. The problems facing health care are systemic. A band-aid approach just won’t fix it,” said Matthew Mellor, a cancer survivor and panelist on the roundtable.  

The Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples (CREATES) Act promotes competition in the market for drugs and biological products by speeding the entry of lower-cost generic and biosimilar versions of those drugs and biological products.

The Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act creates additional transparency requirements for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) under the Medicare prescription drug program and Medicare Advantage program to further transparency of payment methodologies to pharmacies. 

“The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is consistently at the top of the list when people tell me about their health care concerns. That’s why I brought together a group of individuals that understand our prescription drug system to discuss this issue and look for solutions, like these pieces of legislation. I look forward to continuing these important conversations about our health care system with the people of the Third District,” said Davids.