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News Release


On March 26th, 2022, the Rapid City Police Department fatally shot and killed an Oglala Lakota man named Barney Peoples 17 times. Barney was a disabled houseless Native American man who was loved by many. The family is seeking justice for his murder.

What: Press Conference with the family of RCPD murder victim Barney Peoples

When: May 5th, 2022 @ 1:00 PM

Where: Roosevelt Park, 300 E Omaha St, Rapid City, SD 57701

Who: The family of Barney Peoples.

Why: Barney Peoples, Oglala Lakota, was murdered by the Rapid City Police Department on March 26, 2022 the same day a major protest demanding justice for Indigenous rights was happening outside of a white-owned hotel that refused to serve Native Americans. Racism toward Indigenous peoples in South Dakota is not new and Rapid City police abusing their power to enforce their anti-Indigenous racism is common, especially toward houseless Indigenous peoples in Rapid City. In fact, racism toward the Indigenous population is so blatant organizers have had to organize safe places for the Indigenous houseless population.

Quote: “Barney was taken from us by the Rapid City Police Department, while we were protesting against racism in Rapid City. Too often, police departments and their officers stray away from procedures and abuse their power by engaging in acts of excessive force. Barney was a disabled houseless Native American who was vulnerable and lacked the systemic power to defend himself against the police. We demand justice for our loved one. Barney was a son, father, uncle, and was loved by many. His mental illness and lack of support in addressing it does not dehumanize him but rather, speaks to the holes in systems that criminalize those who struggle instead of holding them when they are in need. The lack of transparency and accountability among civil servants erodes our community and further stokes the fire of racism. We will fight to hold Rapid City Police Department accountable for the murder of another Lakota person on Lakota land.”