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Everyday Native

Everyday Native, a free online teacher’s resource based on uplifting the stories of today’s Native American youth, has seen rapid growth of 155% since August 2020 amidst nationwide calls for healing racism. 4th through 12th grade teachers across multiple subjects, who make up the majority of Everyday Native users, are eager for useful, relevant materials to include diversity education in their classrooms.

This growth comes from high quality, primary source materials meeting an historic shift in how education explores truths about marginalized racial groups in America. Teachers adapt the resource to enhance existing curriculum through a deeper conversation, which builds more accurate understanding and empathy.

Native educator-writer joins the team

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Everyday Native is recognized for its high quality by educational institutions, the media, and many US Senators and State elected officials since it launched in Fall of 2018. This commitment to excellence led founder Sue Reynolds to hire an exceptional Native educator-writer, Jordan Lankford (Bright Trail Woman), to work with the team on new content, including a video series set to premier in 2022.

Lankford is an expert in Indian/Diversity education with years of experience implementing cultural content in classrooms. She has contributed to Chalkbeat and School House Connection Magazine, and has been recognized as 2017 Montana Indian Teacher of the Year and as 2021 BSNF Teacher of the Year. Lankford is an important addition to Everyday Native’s continued focus on providing accurate, authentic resource materials from a Native perspective.

Cross-cultural collaboration: A long friendship

Everyday Native was born out of the collaboration between non-Native documentary photographer, Sue Reynolds, and Victor Charlo, a Salish Indian poet-playwright and venerated member of the Salish Kootenai Tribes. Reynolds and Charlo’s first collaboration included a photo-poetry book, Still Here: Not Living in Tipis, which saw success and recognition from then-U.S. Congressman George Miller and then-California State Senator Mark DeSaulnier.

Everyday Native and its team have continuously been recognized for service to the community by then-US Senator Kamala Harris, Senators Jon Tester and Elizabeth Warren, and US Congresswoman Martha McSally. Additionally, Harvard University, California Educator, and Montana Office of Public Instruction have recognized the resource which strives towards healing racism and has appeared in national and international outlets. Since Fall 2018, Everyday Native continues to see teacher growth and praise for content that brings Native youth stories to classrooms throughout the US.