Eve’s Fund’s awards $10,500 in scholarships to 11 Navajo Prep school students

Seven of the 2019 Eve’s Fund Scholarship awardees from left to right, Top Row: Keanu Reed, Sky Harper, and Joshua Begay. Bottom Row: Hannah Dayzie, Florinda Attson, Kyla Watchman, Adinidiin Davis, and Keona Hosteen.(Photo: Eve's Fund)

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Students were chosen for scholarships based on demonstrated financial need, scholastic potential, and leadership skills

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Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives has awarded $10,500 in scholarships for 11 Navajo students attending Navajo Preparatory School in Farmington through the end of the current academic year. Ten of the students received the scholarship for the first time with one student continuing from previous years.

The awardees include: Freshman Florinda Attson (Saint Michaels, AZ), Senior Irvilinda Bahe (Many Farms, AZ), Freshman Joshua Begay (White Rock, NM), Sophomore Adinidiin Davis (Thoreau, NM), Sophomore Hannah Dayzie (Shiprock, NM), Junior Sky Harper (Indian Wells, AZ), Junior Keona Hosteen (Crownpoint, NM), Senior Caitlan Nockideneh (Page, AZ), Senior Keanu Reed (Round Rock, AZ), Freshman KyLa Watchman (Farmington, NM), and Senior Keithen Dean Woody (Kirtland, NM).

The students were chosen based on demonstrated financial need, scholastic potential, and leadership skills. Each recipient received $1,000 to cover the school’s required student fees.

Robert Crowell and Barbara Crowell Roy started the Eve’s Fund Scholarship in 2011 to honor the memory of their daughter Eve Erin Crowell and as a way to address the significant educational needs of high school students on the Navajo Nation. Research shows that nearly 50 percent of Native American students drop out of high school. Of those who do graduate, only five percent go on directly to four-year colleges.

Eve’s Fund president, Barbara Crowell Roy said: “Our daughter Eve valued education and believed in the importance of equitable education for everyone on the planet. She would be proud to know that the financial support Eve’s Fund is providing is helping these students achieve their academic goals and plan for a brighter future.

Ceceilia Tso, the school’s director of development said: “Navajo Prep is grateful to Eve’s Fund and its donors for this scholarship program, now in its eighth year. Many of our fine Navajo students would not be able to be here if it were not for the financial support provided by Eve’s Fund. We have seen success after success in our graduates, who might not have made it without this assistance. In spite of their unbearable loss, Eve’s parents hey have dedicated their retirement lives to insuring that Eve be remembered through other young people.”

About Navajo Preparatory School

Navajo Preparatory School, founded in 1991 and located in Farmington, New Mexico, is the only Navajo-sanctioned college-preparatory school for Native Americans. It provides a rigorous academic program based on a strong foundation of Navajo Philosophy, supported by a residential environment that enhances individuality and independence. This mission is reflected in the School’s motto, “Yideeskaago Naat’aanii—Leaders Now and Into the Future.”

About Eve’s Fund

Eve’s Fund for Native American Health Initiatives is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that promotes hope and wellness for Native American youth. Dr. Robert M. Crowell founded Eve’s Fund in 2005 in memory of his daughter, Eve Erin Crowell. Since that time, the organization has developed strong community partnerships and created literacy, injury prevention and education programs impacting more than 56,000 Native children and young adults.

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