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News Release

Arizona State Representative Athena Salman (D-Tempe District 26)

Representative Athena Salman released the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court's inaction Tuesday night which allowed a devastating Texas abortion ban to take effect.

"This is a dark day not just for women in Texas but for women and pregnant people throughout the country. The draconian Texas abortion ban is straight out of a totalitarian nightmare where the government pays vigilantes to inform on any woman — be it family, neighbor, or co-worker — if she gets an abortion, or on anyone – be it doctor, nurse, or Lyft driver — who has helped a woman obtain an abortion.

The Republican party's contempt for women has never been clearer. Every Republican – male and female — in the Arizona Legislature voted for our state's SB1457, which also bans abortions, certain forms of birth control, and takes effect later this month without court intervention. Like Arizona's bill, the Texas legislation clearly violates Roe v. Wade, which is supported by a vast majority of Americans. But in the middle of the night, a cowardly Supreme Court majority, radicalized by the religious right, has let this extreme law go into effect, signaling the end of Roe. If and when Roe is completely overturned, Arizona's pre-Roe criminal bans on abortion and contraception will go into effect and cement people who can become pregnant in our state and across America into a permanent second class.

It is long past the time for the vast majority of Americans who support reproductive freedom to stand up and say no to backsliding into a fundamentalist totalitarian society, ditch the filibuster, and pass laws that protect and preserve the rights we gained nearly 50 years ago."

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