COVID-19 response: Lummi Market offers online shopping, new stock

Pictured: Lummi Bay Market at the Cove on the Lummi Nation Reservation.(Photo: Lummi Commercial Company)

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Store changes stock and offers online shopping in response to COVID-19

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Lummi Commercial Company

In a move to accommodate customers’ access to supplies during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Lummi Bay Market, or the Cove as it’s known to locals, now offers online shopping.

Customers will be able to order goods online at for in-store pick up.

“We’ve moved quickly to make sure our essential businesses, like our Lummi Bay Markets, serve the needs of our tribe and community members,” said Timothy Ballew, II, CEO of the Lummi Commercial Company. “Our enterprises serve our people, so modifying our business model makes sense.”

“We know our members and other residents rely on the Cove for everyday essentials,” said Lawrence Solomon, Chairman of the Lummi Nation. “Our priority is to maximize the safety of our employees and our customers as we provide a much needed service to our community.”

In addition to offering online shopping, the Lummi markets have been converted to limit contact with others. Only a couple shoppers are allowed to enter the store at a time and will not have access to the sales floor. Customers place an order for goods at the cash register to be filled by the retail team. The classic convenience store items have been expanded to include items for Women Infant and Children (WIC) like bread, canned goods, and milk.

“This isn’t business as usual for anyone,” said Solomon. “But we will continue to adapt the best we can so that members of our community, especially the most vulnerable, have what they need. It’s what we’ve always done as Lummi people.”

About Lummi Bay Market

The Lummi Bay Market is located at 2570 Lummi View Drive on the Lummi Reservation. It is a convenience store and gas station located across from the fisherman’s terminal. Current hours of operation are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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