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The Congressional Progressive Caucus convened a Special Order Hour yesterday, June 15th, on President Biden’s American Families Plan and how we can strengthen our care economy through investing in care workers.

See highlights below:

Congressman Jamaal Bowman

“We need to invest in eliminating carbon emissions and we also need to invest in the caregivers we are counting on to heal us now. We're calling for a broader shift to a society based on care for the people, communities, and planet we share. None of this work is new, ALL of it is necessary.” [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

"In December of 2020 alone, women accounted for nearly all of the jobs lost, with a disproportionately high number of job losses coming from women of color. That is why we need robust investments in universal child care." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congressman Mark Takano

"The American Families Plan will secure universal access to preschool and will expand the supply of quality childcare options for all families. Quality preschool will positively impact children's cognitive, behavioral, & emotional development...if we are serious about investing in our children's education, we must provide universal preschool & affordable childcare." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congressman Dwight Evans

"Everyone would like to say they are pro-family and pro-children. This is the chance to prove it." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

“This is a generational opportunity to invest in affordable, quality care for all children. And I urge my colleagues not to let it go to waste.” [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congressman Kaiali‘i Kahele

"The American Families Plan will redefine access to education, taking the long overdue step of ensuring two years of free community college for all students. This opportunity will invest in the future of our students, prepare them to compete and succeed in a highly competitive global economy, and level the playing field." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congressman Andy Levin

"Providing quality childcare to every family in this country means providing every parent the opportunity to cherish raising their child or children without fear of losing their income, losing their job, losing their career. President Biden’s American Families Plan and its investment in childcare won’t just save families money … it will also create good-paying jobs that will go predominantly to women and people of color." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

"Many countries have a safety net, the United States has women." [Tweet, 6/15/21]

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley:

"To build back better, we must center the people. We must invest in our communities and affirm that a better world is possible — a more just world, where every person can thrive." [Tweet, 6/15/21].

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