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Grassroots and frontline climate justice leaders with People vs. Fossil Fuels, a coalition of over 1,200 groups working to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure, slammed the draft permitting legislation that Senator Manchin released yesterday as a “dirty deal” that would directly harm communities, undermine environmental justice, and worsen the climate emergency.

Over 650 organizations have signed a letter calling on Congress to oppose Manchin’s side deal. On September 8, People vs. Fossil Fuels, the Stop MVP coalition, and Protect Our Water Heritage and Rights organized a major protest in DC against the dirty deal and the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Despite Senator Manchin’s claims, the pipeline will not alleviate energy woes and does not match the anticipated drop in demand.

Responses to Manchin’s permitting legislation released yesterday:

“Manchin’s deal equals a climate catastrophe for Appalachia, Coastal communities and the World! We will NOT be sacrificed! We call on the House AND Senate to give America a clean “Manchin free” bill. Strengthen NEPA, and let pollution overburdened communities be heard, and heeded!” - John Beard, executive director of the Port Arthur Community Action Network.

Senator Manchin has shown a continued lack of respect for Frontline communities. The climate crisis has reached a point where it is a global issue for everyone, the federal government ignored the most impacted communities when we tried to warn about the real impacts of dangerous polluters like the oil industry. We can no longer afford to ignore our most vulnerable neighbors and this dirty deal puts me and my community in danger. Our lives are not to be used for political leverage." Said Cesar Aguirre with the Central California Environmental Justice Network

“Black, Indigenous, communities of the global majority, and poor communities are not sacrifice zones for corrupt politicians like Manchin and Schumer who benefit from big oil’s windfall profits. Our communities have already lost so much from environmental racism but there is so much to save. The science is clear about the worsening climate crisis, we have no time to waste on dirty side deals. We will fight for healthy futures for future generations,” said Jennifer K. Falcon, Ikiya Collective.

"For eight years we have tirelessly fought the Mountain Valley Pipeline and other fossil fuel projects in West Virginia and Virginia,” said Russell Chisholm, Mountain Valley Watch Coordinator. “Nearly a decade of our lives and our health has been shaped by fighting these unnecessary projects as the climate crisis escalates and pummels our homes with intensified storms and floods. Manchin's dirty pipeline deal is an insult to his constituents and furthers a fossil-fueled death sentence to many people and the planet. We demand more public input and a livable future. That is why we are mobilizing to stop this bill."

“This deal is nothing short of a criminal act, a giveaway to Big Oil and Gas at the expense of Indigenous, Black, Brown, and economically challenged communities. It violates a core tenet of Environmental Justice – that our voices matter, that our community input is needed on projects that impact our lives, water, air and bodies. Sen. Manchin and Democrat leadership are proving once again that they are not for the people, but only for profit. This dirty deal must not pass,” said Joye Braun, National Pipelines Organizer, Indigenous Environmental Network, Cheyenne River Sioux member.

“Sen Machin’s Dirty Deal will do nothing more than continue to crutch the already dying fossil fuel industry,” said Pueblo Action Alliance, a Pueblo Indigenous and frontline organization in the Southwest. “In the wake of what is currently happening to our relatives in Alaska and Puerto Rico, the US is deciding to further fund a fossil fuel industry that is directly responsible for these climate disasters in the first place. This is a HUGE and DEVASTATING blow to our communities on the frontlines of climate chaos who deserve REAL SOLUTIONS right now. No more funding for the criminal fossil fuel industry. No more leasing! We deserve a fair and just transition to renewable energies NOW! Stop the Dirty Deal!”

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“Farmers and ranchers have, for the past decade, stood with allies to protect the land and water from risky fossil fuel projects. Sen. Manchin wants to take away property rights and side with pipelines over people,” said Jane Kleeb, Founder, Bold Alliance.

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Ikiya Collective is a frontline direct-action group of femme, queer, and two-spirit Black, Indigenous, and queer folks of the global majority.

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