Chippewa Cree Tribe endorses Governor Bullock for President

Pictured: Montana Governor and President 2020 candidate Steve Bullock.(Photo: Bullock 2020 Campaign)

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Governor Bullock has used his campaign for President to call for greater opportunity for Native communities

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Montana Governor Steve Bullock today received the endorsement of the Chippewa Cree Tribal Business Committee, Rocky Boy Reservation, in his campaign for President. Chairman Harlan Baker released the following statement:

“Chippewa Cree Tribe has worked with Governor Bullock on a wide array of issues, from economic development, to preserving Montana Indian Languages, to expanding access to affordable healthcare,” said Chippewa Cree Business Committee Chairman Harlan Baker. “Governor Bullock’s commitment to continuing government-to-government relationships and recognizing the sovereignty of Tribes not only in Montana, but throughout Indian Country, has not gone unnoticed. He has proven that he understands the importance of respecting, preserving, and perpetuating the Native American culture and integrity.

“I’m honored to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chippewa Cree Tribe as we fight to ensure every family gets a fair shot at a better life,” said Montana Governor Steve Bullock. “Working closely with tribal governments and our state legislature’s American Indian caucus has been a cornerstone of my time as Governor — and we’ve achieved real results. I’ll bring that same commitment to the White House and work with tribal governments across our nation to improve social and economic justice for Indian Country.”

Governor Bullock has used his campaign for President to call for greater opportunity for Native communities. He made history as the first Presidential candidate to visit a native newsroom and met with the Meskwaki Tribe in Iowa on his very first trip as a candidate. His campaign has also been endorsed by the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council.

As Governor of Montana, Bullock has worked with tribal governments to expand access to quality healthcare, preserve and celebrate Native cultures, invest in education opportunities, spur economic development in Indian Country, and pass a comprehensive package of legislation to fight the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Steve Bullock is the Democratic Governor of Montana and the only presidential candidate who has won a Trump state. Even with a majority Republican legislature, Governor Bullock passed major progressive policies like expanding Medicaid, making record investments in education, and protecting our environment. Throughout his career, Bullock has fought against the toxic influence of money in politics, including the first challenge to Citizens United at the Supreme Court. As Governor, he passed some of the strongest campaign disclosure laws in the country. Montana’s economy has strengthened under Bullock’s leadership, with families climbing into the middle class at the fastest rate in the nation.

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