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News Release

Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club

The Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club is pleased to announce that Club member Cayde Lazore has raised $3,701 for the Club! Cayde along with his mother started a GoFundMe page for him to raise the money through pledges for him to complete a 4 mile run every 4 hours over a 48-hour period.

On the David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge event page it explains the reason behind the event as: “In a time when there is so much divisiveness in the world, this event gives all of us the rare opportunity to come together for a common goal with people from all over the world!” Cayde’s motivation to complete this event was to raise money for the Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club, where he has been a club member since he was six years old.

Pictured: Cayde Lazore running with Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club kids cheering him on.

Pictured: Cayde Lazore running with Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club kids cheering him on.

Starting on March 5th at 11pm, Cayde started his run! Over the 12 runs, Cayde’s times would varied from 31 minutes to 1 hour an 11mins, but in his defense it was 11pm on night two and he ran into some cramping but finished anyway thanks to some motivation from mom Cheyenne Lazore! Cayde also has some other running friends for those two days including his Grandpa Tom, and Grandma Chubby. On his final run Club staff and kids along with many community supporters, packed Generations Park to cheer him on, over 26 cars and over 50 people came out in 20-degree weather to support Cayde! Cars also parked along his running route to cheer and honk their horns! 

When asked after the race, why he chose the Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club Cayde added, “He always felt comfortable in the environment and with all the Club staff, it was just a fun place to be after school while his mom works and he looked forward to the Club’s “Be Great Bucks” and all the kool stuff he could get with earning his “bucks”.”

The Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club’s members, staff and Board would like to express our appreciation again to Cayde and his family for raising money for the Club.

For More information about the Akwesasne Boys & Girls Club, please visit our website at or call the Club at 518-358-9911.

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