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News Release

Catawba Nation 

The Catawba Nation and the State of North Carolina signed a compact today that allows the state to share in revenues generated by the new Two Kings Casino Resort, which will be located in the City of Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, NC. The casino will be operated by the Catawbas.

“On behalf of the Catawba Nation, I sincerely thank Governor Roy Cooper and his team for their thoughtful collaboration in creating this compact, which is the key step in bringing economic benefits and thousands of jobs from our casino project to the citizens of North Carolina,” said Catawba Chief Bill Harris.

Chief Harris continued, “I would also like to thank Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Attorney General Josh Stein for their review and signoff of the compact. With work on the compact completed, we will advance the project from the site preparation phase to vertical construction of an introductory casino gaming facility to open this Fall.” 

In March 2020, the U.S. Department of the Interior, following a thorough, years-long review, took 17 acres of land into trust status in Cleveland County, North Carolina, for the Catawba Nation. The action recognized the Catawba Nation’s historical and ancestral ties to its aboriginal lands throughout North Carolina, as evidenced by names such as Catawba County and Catawba College, as well as in the six counties, including Cleveland County, specifically identified by Congress as part of the Catawba’s service area. The compact acknowledges this connection to North Carolina as well.

In addition to creating revenue for the State of North Carolina, the casino will help fund a Catawba-backed education fund that will benefit environmental conservation, provide educational support for members of federal and state recognized tribes and support local communities “to assist in economic development for public services, recreation, entertainment and community economic development and foster employment opportunities on or near Catawba Indian lands”, among other things.

Upon hearing the news of the compact, Kings Mountain Mayor Scott Neisler stated, “Kings Mountain will become a major economic engine in North Carolina. We look forward to creating thousands of good jobs for our hardworking local people. We thank the Catawba Nation for extending their hand of partnership in making this dream a reality.” 

Cleveland County Officials also commend the signing of the compact. “We support the State of North Carolina recognizing the casino project’s tremendous economic benefit to Cleveland County. We are pleased that a compact has been signed that establishes a collaborative partnership with this tribe and the State of North Carolina,” said Cleveland County Manager Brian Epley.