Castro ideas lead night one of CNN debates

Democrat Julián Castro is the second presidential candidate to visit the Meskwaki Nation in Iowa. Photo: Kolby KickingWoman)

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Debate candidates follow Julián Castro's lead on immigration, lead, education, and reparations

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Julián Castro for President 2020

Last night, at the CNN Democratic debate in Detroit, presidential candidate, former Obama Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julián Castro’s policy leadership dominated the discussion between candidates in the first debate, including his plan to reform our immigration system and decriminalize border crossings, eliminate lead exposure, implement universal pre-K, and support a study on reparations for the descendents of African slaves.

The following are among the key issues in which Secretary Castro has led the field that dominated discussion in the first night of Democratic debates. Secretary Castro will join nine other candidates for the second night of Democratic debates on Wednesday at 8:00 PM EST in Detroit, Michigan.

Immigration Platform

Secretary Castro led the field in unveiling a bold and comprehensive immigration policy that included rescinding Section 1325 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and treating entry into the United States as a civil rather than a criminal violation. This measure created the pathway for many of the most egregious Trump administration immigration practices including family separation.

Ten Democratic presidential candidates have since joined Secretary Castro in calling for the repeal of the provision, a central component of his ‘People First Immigration’ plan.

The repeal of Section 1325 would alter how the federal government views migrants entering the United States, treating them as people and families in search of a better life who can contribute tremendously to the fabric of our nation and economy instead of a threat to our national security.

Secretary Castro’s immigration reform plan includes creating a more just and compassionate border policy and establishing a 21st century Marshall Plan for Central America to re-engage our Latin American partners and address the root causes of migration.

Following its release, Secretary Castro’s comprehensive plan was widely praised by activists, journalists, policy experts, and voters.

Lead Platform

Secretary Castro was the first 2020 candidate to visit Flint, the location of the infamous public health emergency stemming from a major lead contamination in the local water supply.

Secretary Castro’s plan aims to eliminate lead exposure and poisoning as a major health threat by significantly increasing resources to identify and remediate lead hazards, ensuring local, state, and federal governments are able to respond to any future lead emergency, strengthening lead poison prevention efforts and providing increased resources for families already impacted by lead poisoning.


Secretary Castro has called for reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Secretary Castro supports legislation by fellow Texas Democrat Rep. Sheila Lee Jackson to have a commission craft a reparations plan. Additionally, a commission or task force would be created to look into all possible ways to provide reparations and determine the best course of action.

America has never fully addressed the sin of slavery - and because of this America has never truly healed as a country. It is time to move our country forward and help it to heal.


Secretary Castro’s People First Education Plan would make a new commitment by the federal government to see that every student has access to a quality education  from pre-K through college and beyond.

The People First Education Plan aims to close the pre-K access gap, making high-quality preschool universal for three-and four-year-olds across the United States through a nationwide ‘Pre-K for USA’ program. Additionally, the plan focuses on expanding opportunities for students, creating affordable pathways to success after high school, and supporting teachers, including increase in pay.

About Secretary Julián Castro

Julián Castro served as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Barack Obama from 2014-2017. Before that, he was Mayor of his native San Antonio, Texas — the youngest mayor of a Top 50 American city at the time. 

In 2012, he gave a rousing keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention, during which he described the American Dream as a relay to be passed from generation to generation. In 2018, Castro founded Opportunity First, an organization to invest in the next generation of progressive leaders. In October 2018, Little, Brown published Castro’s memoir, An Unlikely Journey: Waking Up from My American Dream.

On January 12, 2019, Secretary Castro announced his candidacy for President of the United States. 

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Red Rider
Red Rider

"America has never fully addressed the sin of slavery"

Umm, yes, it most definitely has. Slavery was addressed 150 years ago. As far as the Jim Crow Laws, those were ended over 50 years ago. Apparently, you forgot about Black people in the White House as President and First Lady, in Congress, on the Supreme Court, as Army Generals, as Mayors, as District Attorneys, as Doctors, as millionaires, as College Professors, etc. Black people are members of every Social and Economic Class in America today and have FULL access to everything White people do. Because we addressed the 'Sins of Slavery' decades ago. And all of this White Privilege and Institutionalized & Systemic Racism Crap, like in the Criminal Justice System, is precisely that - crap. It is Far Left Wing Extremest garbage that is easily disprovable.

Further, for every 6 Slaves freed, one White man had to die, most of whom had NO ties to Slavery, nor ever owned any. Had to die to free a Slave that was made a Slave by another BLACK man (see below). Reparations paid in full and in Blood. Many White people in America have NO TIES to Slavery, as they, nor their Ancestors were never involved in it. Yet, you think they have some ‘Sin’ to pay for because of their skin color? That sounds pretty racist to me. There are plenty of White people in this Country who's Ancestors came over in the Great Wave, AFTER Slavery ended, and they have NO TIES to it, and they certainly don't owe Black people anything. They don’t owe any Black people for Sins they NEVER committed simply because of the color of their skin. If an Indian commits murder, are all Indians alive guilty of that crime? Is that what you are telling me?

How about you Indians? Are you going to address your ‘Sins of Slavery’? For Indians owned Slaves, too, both Black people and other Indians. The Cherokee Chief tried to get out of freeing his Black Slaves after the Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation, saying it did not apply to him on the Reservation. Are you going to point your fingers at the Cherokee alive today that had nothing to do with it and tell them how bad they are and that they owe Black people money, too? Or are you going to be a hypocritical racist about it and say it only applies to White people? Are you going to point your fingers at the Utes, who enslaved Navajo, and tell them, the Utes alive today that had nothing to do with it, that they owe the Navajo alive today who were never Slaves? Or are you going to be a racist hypocrite about it and say that only applies to White people? EVERY people of every color has engaged in Slavery, and it goes back as far as History records. Yet, only us White people get called evil because of it and told we owe people stuff.

What about Black people? Do they owe themselves ‘reparations’? For it was Black men in Africa capturing other Black men and women to make Slaves and then sell to White men or Jews, or Muslims for the Eastern Slave trade. White people were not traveling to the African Interior and capturing Africans. They bought them from Black people who enslaved their fellow Blacks. Further, Free Blacks in America owned Black Slaves, too. Some Free Blacks bought their Family to ‘free’ them, but there were other Free Blacks that owned commercial Slaves and worked them just like White people. 3,000 Black Slave owners from Louisiana fought for the South in the Civil War, to defend their ‘right’ to own Slaves. Do the descendants of those American Black Slave owners owe other Black people money, too?

What do North Africans owe White people? Over 1,000,000 White Slaves were captured from Southern Europe and taken to North Africa. And those White Slaves were still being bought and sold on the auction block for years AFTER the Slaves in America were freed. You didn’t know that though, did you? Hell, the word Slave comes from White people, the Slavs, who faced centuries of being enslaved, including by foreign people like Ottomans and other Muslims.

Ya know, relatively recently, you, my Red Brothers and Sisters, have been sucked in by the Far Left Wing Extremists that have taken over the Political Left and Democratic Party of this Country, and you are now speaking their language. I advise against that, for it is NOT in the best interest of your Children in the long run, for multiple reasons. And I assure you that the Far Left Wing Extremists you are now aligning yourselves with do NOT care about you and your Culture, despite what they may tell you and you may think. They are USING you as a tool to destroy, not caring if you destroy yourselves in the process, which is what you will do if you follow Castro down the Path he is trying to lead you. And I, of course, advise Castro to get off of the Far Left Wing Extremest Path he is on, too, for it is not in his Children’s best interest, though he may think he is doing the right thing and his intentions are good …

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