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News Release

Bacone College

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the obstacles it has presented for current and potential students to complete enrollment, Bacone College will delay the start of its Spring 2021 semester until Wednesday, January 20.

Bacone College faculty, staff, and administration are striving to assist students to move through the required processes as quickly as possible despite school office closures causing delays in obtaining official transcripts and difficulties in scheduling COVID-19 testing prior to moving on campus for the spring as required.

Students who have or will have completed enrollment will be contacted prior to the start date to inform about move-in dates and procedures. An updated Spring 2021 academic calendar will be posted on the website at as soon as possible.

Current students should contact their advisors for more information. Applicants or new enrollees should contact the admissions department via email at with any questions or to check the status of their applications.

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