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Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority

The Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority (PAHA), the tribal housing entity of the Pueblo of Acoma, welcomes tribal members, housing partners, funders and the public to visit the tribal housing entity’s new official website at: The website is Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority's own digital arena that offers visitors a photo tour of its housing developments as well as information and updates about its services, programs, projects and community events.

“The official website for Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority provides a new way to connect with our community and the tribal housing network in New Mexico and across the country. It’s the one-stop shop to learn about the work we do, including the services and activities we provide,” said Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority Executive Director Floyd Tortalita. “Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority is more than just building shelters; we help our people build a home base, a center for our families, so children and grandchildren can return. We see tribal members who live across the state or country checking the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority website for information about housing and jobs so they can return home.”

For Pueblo of Acoma tribal members, the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority website provides information about rentals and homeownership or events like housing fairs and tax prep. For tribal housing partners and funders, the website showcases Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority’s projects and developments, so they can see their investments at work. Public visitors can learn more about Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority’s two main funding sources, the Indian Housing Block Grant and the Indian Community Development Block Grant, and Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority’s involvement in advocacy and key tribal housing legislation. The website also houses a community calendar and open job positions.

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“It’s the responsibility of the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority Board of Commissioners to ensure that the housing authority is providing accurate and timely information about housing services and programs for our tribal members and a website helps us do that and more,” said Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Chairman Michael Salvador. “Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority is a community organization whose purpose is to advance housing opportunities for the Acoma people, so it’s important for the organization to be transparent and welcoming. This new website helps us achieve those goal and offers inclusiveness as well.” 

Visitors are welcomed to learn about Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority’s organizational history, project developments and federal program compliance through official organization documents, such as the Board of Commissioners meeting minutes, annual reports, Indian Housing Plans and Annual Performance Reports.

To bring the organization’s work to a digital platform, Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority collaborated with two Native-owned businesses – A. Hale PR, Inc., a Navajo woman-owned public relations company based in New Mexico, specializing in strategic communications planning, media relations and social media for tribes; and ObsidianWeb, a seasoned Native-owned website design and brand development firm based in the Phoenix Valley, servicing Indian Country’s website needs.

The Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority website will be updated regularly with administrative and community-related news, project highlights and photos and any movement on important housing related legislation.

To learn more about the Pueblo of Acoma Housing Authority, visit the website at:

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