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Assembly of First Nations

Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Perry Bellegarde says the newly established Assembly of First Nations COVID-19 (C-19) National Task Force will be instrumental in helping the Assembly of First Nations Executive Committee and First Nations receive accurate information, analysis and recommendations for action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Assembly of First Nations Executive Committee has established the Assembly of First Nations C-19 National Task Force to work in partnership with the Assembly of First Nations Health and Emergency Management Sectors and external experts to provide information, updates, analysis and recommendations as required during this pandemic," said National Chief Perry Bellegarde. "This is a time of crisis and uncertainty. First Nations must have access to timely and accurate information and we need to over-communicate. The Assembly of First Nations C-19 National Task Force will be a valuable asset in this effort. We will continue to push all governments to engage directly with First Nations and to act on our unique needs."

The Assembly of First Nations C-19 National Task Force has been established to assist in providing credible, useful information to the AFN Executive Committee and support their efforts to inform First Nations in their region about the developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The Task Force will be Co-Chaired by Manitoba Regional Chief Kevin Hart, who holds the Emergency Management Portfolio for the Assembly of First Nations, and Yukon Regional Chief Kluane Adamek, who holds the Health Portfolio.

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Regional Chief Adamek said, "The health, safety and well-being of First Nations is our priority and will guide our work on the Task Force. Now more than ever, we need to work together and draw on the full expertise of the Assembly of First Nations's Policy sectors, Chiefs Committees and outside experts to inform the work of the Assembly of First Nations Executive and coordinate solid information to support First Nations."

Regional Chief Hart stated: "The work of the Assembly of First Nations Task Force is critical. I know from my work on Emergency Management that First Nations will be facing additional challenges on top of this unprecedented pandemic. We can't only react, we need to be ready. This Task Force will play an important role in that approach."

The AFN has developed resources and materials for First Nations on the current COVID-19 pandemic. To review or download these resources, visit the AFN COVID-19 Webpage at

The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada. Follow Assembly of First Nations on Twitter @AFN_Updates.

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