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News Release

Chickasaw Nation

Art lovers and buyers can maintain responsible distancing while browsing Chickasaw and Southeastern artists’ works online at

Chickasaw and Southeastern Indian art buying has found a home virtually with sales available now through July 31.

“The Chickasaw Nation will host the site,” said James Wallace, director of visual arts media and design for the Chickasaw Nation Department of Arts & Humanities.

Each artist will have the opportunity to display up to five pieces of art that are available for purchase. Those transactions will be made between the artist and the buyer. We are pleased we can do something to show the high quality and creative beauty of the artists.”

Visitors to the site can browse the work of award-winning First American artists and purchase pieces they like. will continue to be updated with new information.

Wallace is coordinating with artists wanting to partake in the online art market.

“It may well be new artists will join during the two-month Artesian Online Art Market. We are sending out invitations to participate, and we look for a high number of artists to display art,” he added. 

Chickasaw and other Southeastern Indian artists may contact Wallace at for information on how to join the Artesian Online Art Market.

The Artesian Online Art Market is displaying Chickasaw and Southeastern Indian art at now through July 31.

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