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Arizona House Democrats

Arizona House Democratic Leader Reginald Bolding released the following statement regarding Governor Ducey's announcements yesterday to essentially bribe school districts with additional funding if they don't join the growing list of districts opting to protect students and staff by requiring masks on campus, and unilaterally expanding private school vouchers, an idea that has failed at the ballot box and at the Legislature this past session.

"Governor Ducey has created his own Hunger Games for Arizona public schools," said Bolding, D-Laveen. "It's a sickening irony that he's doing this by dangling millions of federally provided funds for COVID-19 relief and forcing school districts to choose between the health and safety of kids and educators, or millions in additional funding that Republicans have withheld for years. With the delta variant running rampant and COVID-19 cases among children on the rise, it's disgusting to put a bounty on spreading this illness to kids and punishing schools that try to operate safely. At the same time, the Governor is attempting to revive a failed and unpopular effort to expand private-school vouchers, using misinformation and anti-mask hysteria as an excuse. Ironically, many private schools, including Brophy Prep, require masks and vaccinations to attend. We continue to stand with public schools that responsibly opt to protect their students and staff during this pandemic and condemn the Governor playing with the lives of children and educators to appease a narrow and misinformed segment of his political base."

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