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News Release

Representative Jennifer Longdon (D-Phoenix, District 24)

Representative César Chávez (D-Phoenix, District 29)

Arizona Representatives Jennifer Longdon and César Chávez delivered a letter Tuesday to Governor Doug Ducey asking the state to do more to help non-profit organizations that are working with people fleeing war, gang violence, and climate change who are seeking asylum at the Arizona border. The letter, signed by all 29 members of the House Democratic Caucus, is below.

Letter to Gov. Ducey  - Humanitarian

“Over the years, Arizona has had some of the highest numbers in the nation in relation to human trafficking," said Chávez, D-Phoenix. "With individuals being dropped off on the streets by ICE, we need to ensure we can keep them safe. It is our duty as a state to fend for humanity especially when there is a crisis amongst us. This is a non-partisan issue, and some of our Republican colleagues have also called on the Governor to help address this emergency.” 

"I have had many opportunities to work directly with the people here seeking asylum," said Longdon, D-Phoenix. "I have met parents who are fleeing violence and only wish to protect their children and give them better opportunities. I believe every parent wants to shield their children from harm. We must ensure the dignity and safety of the aslyees as they complete this legal process."

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