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News Release

Arizona Indigenous Peoples' Caucus

Ahead of President Trump’s visit to Arizona, and amidst new calls for justice from the Black Lives Matter Movement, the Arizona Indigenous People’s Caucus is calling to abolish Columbus Day and replace it with an Indigenous People’s Day in Arizona and nationwide.

“Today as President Trump brings his violent and divisive rhetoric to Arizona, the Indigenous People’s Caucus is calling for an end to the violent and divisive legacy of Christopher Columbus in our state and our country. The legacy of Columbus is one of violence and genocide for Indigenous people across the world. Having a state and federal holiday in honor of him is shameful and aggravates memories of deep, generational pain for Native Americans.

We are in a moment of historic social upheaval and demands for justice. Just as we see the Black Lives Matter movement toppling monuments to the Confederacy, it is also time to topple the monument to Christopher Columbus, and replace October 12th as Indigenous People’s Day in Arizona and the United States.

Arizona is a unique state built upon the sacred homelands of our Indigenous people. We have a long way to go to rectify the injustice done to Indigenous people, but abolishing Columbus Day is the first step on the path to healing our pain.”

Arizona House Democrats - Indigenous People's Caucus- screenshot